Uganda . . . the Pearl of Africa, located in Eastern Africa, with a population of 42 million people. Since 2012, local teams of the Buffalo Initiative have travelled to Uganda to serve the indigenous leaders there with discipleship tools and training for the evangelizing and discipling of their nation. After planting and watering seed for seven years, flickers of flame are now turning into a real fire. God has given the Bishops and Pastors there a genuine desire and excitement to learn, apply, and then teach others the truth of God’s Word.



To network local churches together for the Great Commission in East Africa. Local churches are God’s vehicle in this age to demonstrate His wisdom and glory. This involves strengthening the churches, raising up leaders, planting new churches, and reaching the lost.

We are working on two levels. First, we have been working with BILD Int’l ( and for 12 years. In 2012, we introduced the curriculum of the Antioch School to the key bishops of the largest denomination in Kampala, Uganda (the capitol city). In 2016, the executive leadership board of the largest denomination in the country – The National Fellowship of Born Again Pentecostal Churches of Uganda (45,000 churches) – adopted the Antioch School and First Principles bible studies for training their top leaders. As of now, 225 bishops and pastors are in the doctorate or masters degree program. These include leaders from Uganda, Southern Sudan, DRC Congo, Kenya, Burundi and Tanzania.

Secondly, beginning in 2012, at the pastors’ request we have been serving local church pastors on the ground level. Our goal is to train them in the Scripture, promoting the biblical concept of making strong disciples and leaders in their churches and communities for the expansion of the Gospel through the multiplication of churches (Acts 13, 14). This is being effectively done through the use of small group studies called "the first principles". As of January 2020, 2000 church leaders will be fully engaged in this biblical training. In addition, we support the monthly salaries 5 licensed primary and secondary school teachers for 150 children [from mostly muslim families] who receive a strong education and the clear Gospel of Jesus Christ.


The Buffalo Initiative is made of men and women representing several churches in the Western New York area. Our teams that physically go to Uganda vary in size and go 2-3 times per year for approximately 2 weeks each trip.


Our strategy involves raising up strong, sending churches by working alongside indigenous bishops and pastors at the top level and grass roots level. Our primary team leaders are Pastor Emory Brown and Elder Larry Wolf of Refreshing Springs Church, along with other key members, make frequent trips to Uganda. Most all missionary efforts are in the areas of biblical training and discipling of church leaders for the transformation of Uganda . . .     


Two Years: Lord’s Will

➢    We will be visiting each country in the East African Community: Uganda, Kenya, South Sudan, Rwanda, Burundi, Tanzania, DRC Congo.

➢    We are training top leaders called Competency Cohorts to then implement the training in there multiple networks in each country.

➢    We are visiting these countries to bring organization – instructing their movements of churches, training their leaders, and using our Cloud-based technology to assess development and implementation.

➢    We are currently traveling to East Africa 2 or 3 times per year (2019-2022).

➢    At the same time, aggressive ground level discipleship training in local villages prepares pastors and leaders in ordered learning processes of discipleship for evangelism, leadership development, and church multiplication.


Right now there are 4-5 thousand leaders being trained in the Antioch School and First Principles bible studies. We are expecting these numbers to increase to 100 thousand leaders in the next few years because of the commitment of the denominational leaders to adopt this training program. There are 271 million people in the East African Community of Nations . . . that is our target!


For two years now, we have also financially supported the salary for 5 licensed school teachers at the Grandview Baptist Church in the Mbila Forest. The 150 children age 4-15 are mostly from Muslim families and are being taught Mathematics, English, Social Studies, Science, and Religion (where they are taught the Gospel and other biblical truths).


The major needs of funding are for transportation and food of the pastors who travel by bicycle, boda boda (motor scooters), or taxi. Our training in the city and the bush (rural areas) often require 1-2 hours or more of travel each way. We limit training sessions to 30 pastors for each 2-5 day training session.These leaders make very little income and sacrifice greatly  for being taught and discipled in God's word. Although BILD Int’l presently covers the cost for the degree program (enrollment, books, materials), many of the bishops taking the degree program need financial help for First Principles studies and transport.


We also provide seed money for the translation of First Principles booklets into their native language (Lugandan) and also the initial printing of each new book. After that, each student must pay for their book [3000 schillings or $1.00US].


In  Summary, our present monthly costs for the fiscal year (Sept.2019-Sept.2020)
              ***Transportation and lunches for trainees who will in turn train over 2000 church pastors and leaders in the first principles studies=$3000.00 per month
              ***Translation and printing of study materials in their native language=$100 per month
              ***Salary for 5 licensed school teachers=$500.00 per month

Our present annual budget for 2019-20 is $43,200.00...[$3600.00 per month].All travel expense for the US team are paid personally so that 100%of all funds raised go directly to the field.